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Started by Shiki, October 30, 2009, 14:52

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Hey guys!

Recently I suddenly wanted to start an Anime/Manga club at my school.... I know that there was an anime club before I came to H.S. and no one knows what happened with it. So my friends and me got excited about making a new one! I think we need at least 20 people to start up a club and we have already 15~ xD

The thing is once we start this club what are we going to do? What kind of activities can the anime club do? I was thinking that since my friends are all like super good at drawings maybe we could make commissions and raise up some money and at the end if we have enough we can get all the anime club to go to Anime North in Ontario.

Apart from this idea... we don't really know what else to do >.>" So I was wondering if anyone have ideas? I will probably make a forum/website for the club too. But really we need some ideas for activities that we can do at school and make other people involve!

Any idea will be welcome~!

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We have two clubs, one anime club and another asian comic drawing club. I know that at least one, maybe both, were planning to cosplay and go to this anime expo. Vampire knight, card captor sakura and yu-gi-oh have all been tossed around.
And, if you can be bothered, teach people how to draw.
Expand people's tastes in anime, you could discuss the style of anime, certain key areas that appear in every anime, how to identify good anime, etc.
Of course, this all goes on top of raving about good anime and making plot predicitons and stuff like that. :0
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If you're reading this, then good for you. :3


drawing contest sounds like an ideal thing in my opinion, btw Tammy, 666 posts xD


lol xD

Well drawing contest is a must and I was also thinking of making our own manga and anime if we have enough people in the club.

But any other ideas? ><

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making your own manga can be REALLY hard work. REALLY hard XD But i guess a REALLY short 15 page oneshot wouldnt be too nasty =3

I'd say, organize anime viewing days. like i dont know, every thursday during lunch or something. Organize out of school gatherings or hardcore fans?


About the manga, it's really hard to make a manga with a large group of people.
We've tried, it failed miserably. :)
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If you're reading this, then good for you. :3


lol awww xD But I got some really good drawers~ Oh well... yea, I'll see what I can do. Oh and I asked one of my friend in the U.S. about her anime club... she said that they sold like baked cookies or stuff like that and they actually got 600$ out of it ><" I was thinking of selling drawings... but I wonder if people will even buy them. So about the manga maybe we might just do some short 1~2 pages comic and sell them lol is all to raise funding!!! >=]

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Dojinshis would sell better than original art. (unless your artists are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G XDDD) . I agree 1-2 page shorts should be able to sell =3


:D Omg Today I just go the "Request Form for Official Club Status" and I am ready to fill it how RAWR~ If we make any 1-2 pages comics or dojinshis I will show them to you guys for sure! ^^

but before that..... I want an awesome name for the club LOL I don't want to call it Anime Club because... well it sounds.... you know kinda... >.>" boring?

I was thinking to call it MAV Club which is Magan, Anime, Vocaloid Club ROFLOL!!! So yea my friends are not better... one of them told me to call it ACE which is Anime Club Extreme =___=

So... any good idea? LOL

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Animilicious? Animology? Fantanime ? lollll  :dignose:


it's an awesome name. :D
btw, our one is called the
Asian comic drawing club. :3
Oh wow.. so they're iphone earpods? Wait, I mean, earrings! No! EARPHONES!!! I MEANT EARPHONES!
If you're reading this, then good for you. :3


if you guys want, i can send you a couple of my drawings OR help you on your drawings =D


so how did this club go shiki?? xD
I just came across a club like this in one of the high schools my little cousin goes to.
The kids in there were......

I had a hard time escaping from there when my cousin told them I spoke Japanese.
I guess a lot of them wanted to learn~
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Ah. I have an Anime club in my High school here in the US.

We do a lot of things; we're fortunate to have a handful of amazing artists in it.

Right now, the club is having a Pocky fundraiser, and it's been going on for about 2-3 months now. We'll be using the money we make so we can host up ANOTHER fundraiser involving a Sumo match between the teachers and the students. The profit's being used to buy the costumes/drinks and whatnot.

Umm. We have our meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch; I have certain days set up where we watch anime projected onto a screen (promethean board). We also have drawing lessons, projects, and contests. :)

What I recommend you do is have your group of artists draw a few pictures and make a collection. You can then use those pictures to make your very own club Calender. :] 

If you're doing the manga thing, good luck! That takes ALOT of dedication and commitment.



@Nancy: We didn't form it yet LOL! I submitted the form and hopefully we can get it started soon...after the finals of course.

@Moon: Woah I love what your club is doing! >< I think I will do the calendar too!

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^^ If it goes great, you can even sell the calenders, since they're the product of the students themselves.

You just need to find a sponsor willing to host the club who can help you with that.

Best of luck!


We have a Manga, Anime and Gaming club at college! It's pretty awesome!
As for what we do, it's a whole mix of things. Each week we always watch the first 1 or 2 episodes of a different anime, then we have done events such as; pitch a manga/anime; where you tell everyone why they should read or watch one of your faves! WE do group cosplay nights for conventions so if people need help with anything. We have done some manga drawing, and started making our own little manga about the club and we have even had a little Japanese lesson from the Japanese teacher :D And that is just this year *can't wait to see what else happens*


 :hi: Hi Lotti!

Lol, I wish our club had done Japanese lessons too. That sounds pretty awesome. We have a japanese member who'se fluent in the language but she refuses to teach the club the language firsthand. Right now, my school's anime club leaders are currently trying to research on different Japanese cultures to teach to the club to make it a more "educational" environment.

Blech.  :vomit:

Love the manga idea, btw.  : )


never had those at my school. woulda been good though. there are so many anime freaks, fiends, and more. we're all REALLY into somethin u know.


In my high school years, there was an Anime Club, and there was a frequent once a month meeting, until last year, which then was a mess because last year's president never sent out e-mails to say that there were any after school meetings.

As for now, since I'm in college, instead of just any kind of Anime Club, it's called Otaku Anime Society, and basically, it's gone to a whole new level since we do presentations on either one specific anime or genre, and some go more overboard than others, so it's both good and bad at the same time....


We have an Japanese cultural club, which has 3 sections. One focuses on the anime, manga and cosplay. Weekly meeting to draw stuff, do costume of cosplay events. We have art and animation students in that club so they teach those who wanna draw. They normally deal with design and art decorations during events like open house.
The second is on japanese hiphop and traditional dance. Performance base section, and meets minimum once a week, increases when events are coming. We tie down with the Japanese association so we perform yearly during Natsu matsuri (summer festival) and Chingay (it's a singapore thing -.- google~).
Then the last is the Origami (yes they fold paper > >) who meets every week to fold paper and deal with all the props during events.

I think it's pretty hard to go deep into anything with teachers, or people with such knowledge guiding. =/ Even though we choreograph our own dance, we had seniors who went to learn from the japanese sensei. =| I guess researching is the first step that can be taken.. Stuff like Sado (tea ceremony), Ikebana (flower arrangement), etc.  :swt:
Because I disappearS to procrastinateS.

Shiki the problem is here again. We are a beginner club so what are good things to do with a club that just started not long ago? All my members are losing their motivation for the club and closing down is the last thing on Earth I want to do. SO except watching and discussing about different manga and anime...what can an anime club possibly do in their club room. People has offering to draw. Well, good idea but hey, not everyone can draw! Some people likes anime but it doesn't mean they like to draw or can draw it.

So really...I need something desperately that will reanimate the motivation of my current members AND get new members as well.

Seriously, I have never being so lost and discourage over something like that for a while. It's just sad to have nothing to do in the club and hearing everyone say "well this is surely boring."

Oh one last thing. This is for a high school. Universities and College have waaaaaaay more possibilities so please make it possible for a high school anime club!

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icewing this an anime AND manga club? maybe you should make some advertisements to recruit more people.

If your club consists of more than 20 people, that's GOOD. really good. 

if your club members are losing motivation.....i think you should start a plan. a GOOD plan.

What is your objective?

Keep your club organized. Forums anyone?

Culture. maybe a meeting on Japanese culture or something. and then, you present it to everyone.  OOOHH! maybe you can do a skit or play from some anime scene or something.

i don't know about the expenses....xD

maybe, every week or 2 weeks, you can play a popular movie (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, etc) that is available to EVERYONE in the school.

well, i think you should see if there are any anime conventions around.....xD (i never went to one but desperately want to)

hm.  i'm currently in a Newspaper club right now. so......maybe you can write a little something on manga or anime (like...a new manga/anime just came out, or...uh....a biography on a manga artist)

i hope that helped Shiki! of course, you don't have to do all of these since it's just the beginning. (i would've died  *dead)


(Not sure about dress regulations at your school) but if it's allowed you could have a cosplay day, where you all cosplay at school =D I mean our anime group was very just hang out and have way more fun than any of the other people, but if you need structure that usually doesn't work.

We had an anime club at my school last year but it was run by a guy I want to murder while he sleeps despise, therefor I never went =/

Lure people in with pocky >=D
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OMG!! COSPLAY!! EXCACTLY!!!!!!  *skip shiki?


-Have cosplay parties like every Friday or something
-Form groups to go to the nearest anime/manga convention around you. Plan and head to there as groups.
-Drama? Re-enact a scene in a particular anime/manga just for fun.
-Have discussions on new things in Japanese pop culture. For example, did you know that vocaloid recently released Lily?

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shiki? are you here?  i don't want anything to happen before you even read this.


Yeah I am here... we are currently deciding on a valid meeting day because it seems that there are way too many clubs meeting after school (including music rehearsals) so people are not always available. Lunch time is impossible because all the grades have different lunch times. Grade 11 and 12's lunch times can be anywhere from first period to last period. And YES I know a few people who have first period Lunch so they basically sleep in (lucky them) and some people who have last period Lunch so they can go home earlier. XD

We are thinking of having a meeting next week so we can ask people which day they prefer... I am also going to make a forum for the club so people can vote for meeting days and just hang out there when they are bored of homework.

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ah....lunch schedules. i guess weekends won't work either. xD.


My school's anime club is run by an amazing senior who runs all the art shows in the school... I think she started running it in her junior year, and she's simple brilliant T.T
Not to mention her art... She's one of those girls you find on the brochure of the catalog, brandishing a paint brush with her hair dyed purple.

Best thing you can do is just discuss. Taking the anime club to the next level would be idiotic/ intense. But the pocky idea sounds veeerrryyy nice ^^


*GASP* YOU HAVE AN ANIME CLUB!!?!?!? lucky you have a good leader there. xD.

icey wants an anime club too!  :donwan:


My friends and I right now are trying to form a Japanese Culture club. We were originally thinking of just an anime/manga club, but we sort of decided against it (we wanted to appeal to the principal and staff who have to decide whether or not they'll let us have it and we doubted they even knew what that was). We're going to basically make and sell Japanese dishes (you know, for fundraisers to raise money for the club and Japanese Relief fund for that tsunami and earthquake they had), learn the basics of and some convo in Japanese (one of my friends has been to Japan and speaks fluently  :crywithno: grr, so jealousssss), watch some anime movies (like Spirited Away :3), and learn some about the culture and history. We might even take a trip to an anime convention (ahh, one can dream  :shy:).


That sounds like a good idea, especially if you want to appeal to the school faculty.  :goodjob:
And more especially if your club sounds low-budget. Cheapskate BoE. XD

Man, I really wish we had a club for SOMETHING Japanese in my school. =_=; Maybe I'll look into starting one, too!


You should make a club too Ryu :D And yeah, I think it's basically just going to be my friends and I raising all the money and doing all the lessons while the teacher just sits there lol. Most teachers didn't even want to do that >.< ("Why Japan you guys?" they'd ask...ergh, they were annoying)
Good luck starting a club in your school :D


I'll try! Thanks for your support (and some starting ideas~)!


No problem. You're welcome  :=X:

Mister Want


You should be really organized or have an good idea what you want to do for each meeting. If not, it might fall apart. When I was in high school, there were a year when lots of clubs form, but none of them lasted. I created a writing club and that didn't lasted either. I guess, it was too free and lacked some coherent form.


Thanks for the advice :D Luckily though, my two older friends have already started making lesson plans and stuff.  *skip


Quote from: icewing on October 31, 2010, 09:42
*GASP* YOU HAVE AN ANIME CLUB!!?!?!? lucky you have a good leader there. xD.

icey wants an anime club too!  :donwan:

Our anime club got cancelled then came back thanks to a good leader. Unfortunately it was banned because of some people.

Beware of that. Literally because ours got cancelled because people didn't know how to shut up and apparently one teacher wasn't enough to watch everyone. (the reason it was banned due to two people making out in the hall way even though they know better, well one of them did.)


Our school's Japanese Media Club is having a t shirt design contest, and I'm going to submit a design ^^
Does anyone have any ideas of what to put on it?
Think manga, anime, jpop, etc.

I know, kinda off topic, sorry. If anyone could help me though, I'd be so grateful  :o_o:

Haha... my Kpop obsession cannot be hidden *U*


We just have a Japanese Club. My library (not sure if they still do this) would have a group of otakus come to a weekly(?) meeting to talk about manga; never went.


Our school...don't allow us to create clubs  :indotz: