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Started by Iteza, October 16, 2012, 11:08

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to tell you that beside the traditional manga scanning there's another option how to get raws and it's by buying ebooks.

As I understand the best site would be (another option is but that didn't work for me, I wasn't able to get their reader running).

The ebooks aren't available for all mangas but they have ebooks for some of our projects like Butter!!, Migawari, Black Bird (but only to v12).

So if you can't find raws online this could be one of the options how to get them.

Hope that helps!! :goodmood:

Zephyr of the Mist

hmm... wouldn't that mean no leveling or gutters?  And the "scans" would always be top quality?  :o_o:

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As far as I can tell - very, very little leveling. And definitely no gutters!!  :woohehe:


Sounds like a good plan!  *skip

thanks to Shineshan <3