Everyone love this --> Lovely Everywhere

Started by Mhie, June 23, 2012, 12:17

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Hawww... I'm so looking forward for the next release :goodmood:.I really like this manga. :goodjob: I wanna see Dan Wei (Little Poodle) with Xiang again.  :=D: They are so cute together.  :love: Everybody like this too right?  :o_o:


Yep, me loves Lovely Everywhere too!!!  :love: :love:


Me tooooo! I feel privileged to be the PR   :love:

thanks to Shineshan <3


Lovely Everywhere is adoreable~!
I'm glad I've been able to help out on it is a well.
I'm also glad I came across it. If I hadn't joined Transcendence and been waiting around for an editor job I probably would have never found it.  :omg:
But thank goodness I did.  :=D:
Progress [spoiler]
Translating LD, ch 9 [28/49]
Translating MnS, ch 2 [1/31]
Cleaning Ardour, ch 29 [18/28]

Updated: 2/11/16[/spoiler]


  :hi:   Im new and wanted to say...

LE makes my nights! I want to blurt this out to people that know what im talking about. I fear that when i laugh out too much that id wake up my house  :swt:
And the side notes from the staff that made it! Its like the extra pickle in the juicy hanburger that is the sweet meatyness of LE  *skip THANK YOU ALL THAT STAFFS AND STUFFS!
You are my laughing pill of the day.  :bow:  tyvm for this magnificent discovery i found  :o_o:


Lately LE is so exciting!   *skip  *skip

It really made my day whenever I read.  :goodmood:

Even though I've read it more than 5 times  :=X:

Thanks to Transcendence that it continue really ecxiting.

I totally can't wait for the Chapter 16  :love: :love: