New design?

Started by `Shally., April 04, 2012, 15:42

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If possible, can we get new designs for the site? (:
Like, each month or year is a different theme color.
January can be some random theme
Feb. can be valentine or anything related to loving.
March can be spring colors; green ; and so forth.

I'm not saying that this site is a little plain; but i just want it to be more decorative. (:



I like the idea. Just remember to keep it classy ^_^


Well, I guess this is more Xye's decision to make...and she's online, but I guess she hasn't seen this topic yet >.<


its a neat idea. but i think it involves too much work x,x Making the website do it automatically takes time and  iwould need to figure how to do that, cuz i have no idea LOL  Doing it manually each month will just take way too much work. (it took me forever to make just one theme LOL )


Hmm, how about holiday themed?  Maybe summer/fall/winter/spring kind of thing? Possibly have a contest for header/background/colors every three to four months? People could vote for their favorite via poll and it would give our lovely artists something to work towards, as well. :D
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Lol Tear nice idea, I will join if ever we'll do this ^O^
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