Started by Koyue, November 22, 2011, 09:59

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My lappy was infected with a rogue antivirus software aka scareware yesterday and it did just that; scare the »|°¢{##$& out of me. I researched a TON of solutions but I am too freaked out and scared to remove it. T.T
(I am year of the chicken.)

So, I am on my phone continually reading up on this stuff bc I LOVE to read.


Oh, man. I hope you find the solution soonnnnn~
On what site did you get the virus?


I found the solution but I'm being too chicken to try the solution I found.  :'(
I really want to buy Kaspersky's PURE Total Security  :'(
But, I an going to wait a few weeks bc the removal instructions is LONG *stress

I had three tabs open; google, transcendence forum, and chatango.

The virus uninstalled the free version of avg I had and prevents me or closes most windows I open, hence the scaring. The rogue virus I got is called AV Protection 2011.


Oh, snap. Well, it doesn't sound too devastating, so that's good...

Good luck with fixing your computer! :goodjob:


That is one of the good piecesof news; while researching, I found that there have ben viruses that have prevented people's computers from ever booting ever again. And, there has been a virus that got into the White House, the Pentagon, and Microsoft (the virus that got into Microsoft had a funny message, it's worth looking up).

Thanks. ^^


 >:( I had to do a system RECOVERY  :noway: :'(  :omg:  :crywithno:  :donwan:

So, I can't say hi in the CBox on this lappy I'm using or via my phone (which automatically logs into the cbox when I go to the forum).


that sounds bad...
Currently cleaning: Um... up for a new project


Ah, system recoveries are not too good, quite a few viruses embed themselves into the recovery area just in case you manage to remove it, it would come back to haunt you when you system restore.
You should disable and delete system restore points, disable internet of your computer, shut down and reboot in safemode*, then download the setup on a different computer for AVG free, ad aware, c-cleaner and [install>run>uninstall] these programs one at a time.
Then open up your add or remove programs list and eliminate all those pesky toolbars and other weird stuff your virus gave you and you'll be mostly clean, and it's free as well~ it's just time consuming for the scans, you may want to download some manga beforehand to keep yourself happy for a day.
just remember after you're done you have to re enable all the stuff you disabled  :bye:

* safemode stops all the non core processes on startup so the virus won't be able to move an inch, its like... it's like being frozen in time! to use it, press f8 on the first screen you get after you start up your computer (or buttons from f3 to f12 depending on your computer/ or actually just mash them all apart from f2)

In Exile.


Thank you, blob, but AVG Free is what let the virus in w/o detection.

Read more in Ryuneko's VIRUSSSSES thread.