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Started by backlash67, May 25, 2011, 21:13

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I think that for sections where members upload media, download links, etc.. there should be a forum that lists the items.

For example:

There should be a forum list in the manga downloads section with all the manga series that have been uploaded. Preferably in alphabetical order and links to the forum topic where the series appears. You can or should categorize the list by genre. For example, smut, yaoi, shoujo, seinen, etc should be listed together in alphabetical order. This way you can better track what series you have on your site, quickly link to each series, and know what types of genre you have just in case you want to set restrictions to access to some series.


That's an interesting idea, backlash XD I guess it just never occured to me to organize it becuase the uploading area was so unused.
I'll try to get this done with I have some spare time. Thank you for the suggestion! :goodjob:


That took longer than I expected it to, but it's done :)
Feel free to take a look at it, Backlash. (In fact, please do and give me some feedback! How does it look to you?) That's done, so I'm poofing for now. Catch up with you later ^^