Black Bird colors?

Started by PinkPrincessLacus, March 01, 2010, 16:59

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I was wondering if anyone knows what color the Tengu Retainers' eyes colors in Black Bird are? Also the little three boys; Tarou, Jirou, and Saburou's hair colors?

I'm stumped at coloring because I don't just want to make it up, but I can't find what color they are. I know the guy's have red eye colors sometimes. In this scan it shows Kyo and Houki's eye colors are blue but I can't see the others'. Thanks for your time. If I posted this in the wrong area, sorry. I'm not super good at forums XD.

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I'm pretty sure the scan is just fanart. Kyos are just black, as far as I know, but they turn red when he has his wings on. Tarou should be the same as kyo. But as for the others I have no idea...
I could be wrong though sorry for not being much help.

Here's several: <- green eyes? lol

Nothing on anyone else, I don't really have time to look on anything but OM sorry.
You were right about me being wrong and wrong about you being right.


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