Where's the next chapter of ___?

Started by Furgeson, November 13, 2011, 10:26

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Please do NOT ask us this question! It is coming soon, we promise! Instead, how about saying "I love ___ series - I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work!" Seriously, we get the point without the whining and multiple question marks.

If you really want the next chapter that badly, you don't even need to learn japanese or chinese to read the raws and/or help us scanlate the next chapter faster. There are positions on the team that do NOT require fluency in two languages.
Point being, this question really bothers us! We feel like the person asking this question doesn't appreciate the fact that we are spending lots of our free time to bring you this manga experience for FREE, and it really unmotivates us to give you the chapter FASTER - Instead, it'll probably have the opposite effect.

Below are excerpts of conversations I have encountered on numerous forums and scanlation sites. The fact that people are bitching about releases after only one MONTH really really bothers me.
xWARNING: Some of this material is slightly offensive. Do not click if you are afraid of getting yelled at by people who know the pains of scanlation.
   Yeah, you say that like it is so easy. Unfortunately most people do not have access to japanese or chinese classes in junior high or high school. Most of the time, it is adults and a few college students that translate the raws, who have easier access to that knowledge.
Stop bitching and whining. Go check out your local community college for Japanese classes, it's really not that hard. Hell, even Google can help teach you Japanese for free if you took the time and effort to do so.

QuoteBesides, manga's like Naruto or Bleach get updated once a week or less.
Those scanlators make time because so many people demand the manga. Demands like this are good, and if the demand is high, then scanlators will be more likely to put up a manga.
   That's because the manga is weekly. That shit adds up if left unscanlated. This is in opposition to monthly releases, which give plenty of time (a ****ing month) before the next release. It's a totally different question as to why it's not uploaded on MangaFox - that's not the responsibility of the scanlators, especially given the whole MangaFox vs. scanlation feud going on.
   That's also not to mention how schedules are liable to change for scanlator groups in real life (omg, rl?!?! what's that?!), as well as issues in groups (too much work, translator/cleaner/qcer/typesetter/whatever going missing in action, etc.). You, a leecher, have about about as much power and right to demand chapters as a chair does. Seeing as how you can't get off your ass to learn some Japanese and go read the raws, I'd assume you'd just spend your life moaning about how shit difficult your life is. Except no one really wants to listen.

QuoteYeah, like kay said, I don't have any japanese or chinese classes at my school, so I can't just learn it with the snap of my fingers.
There are plenty of other resources at your demand other than school classes if you want to learn foreign languages, especially seeing as how you seem to have access to the internet to be posting in this forum. You probably just don't bother with that on account of your own lazy ass. Cry harder, kid. Real life's a lot more tough than learning Japanese outside of school classes.

QuoteBesides, it is a scanlators job to update.
   Do you know English? It's a second language for me, but even I'm certain that it's not a "job" if they're not getting paid.

QuoteYeah, like kay said, I don't have any japanese or chinese classes at my school, so I can't just learn it with the snap of my fingers.

Besides, it is a scanlators job to update. Have a scientist hang a banana in front of a starving monkey for an experiment only for him to go away. Even if he does have things in his personal life, he left the banana there nonetheless. Well the starving monkey can't exactly go and grab a ladder to get it down because he isn't as intelligent as the scientist, and can't get up to that level so quickly. Well, the monkey continues to starve and has an entirely different set of thoughts about the scientist than he would have if he was full.

Firstly, scanlators have their own lives, ok? Unless you want to pay them hourly, scanlation is just a hobby.

And honestly, you can learn a language by yourself from textbooks and with the correct resources - its happened before in the scanlation community. There are some people with dreams so big that they learn the language and then move to Japan to work there.

Never mind the fact that there are positions in scanlation teams that dont require you to be fluent in two languages. If you really want your next chapter THAT badly, just join the team that scanlates this project and give them a hand in editing! And no, I am not saying this since I am part of the team, but I know how what it feels like to be scanlating a project and have a bunch of fans drooling at your back asking you for MOAR MOAR MOAR and not doing anything to help or even trying to be supportive. Please at least try to consider the feelings of people spending so much time and effort so that you can read these chapters for free :sorry:

And lastly, I do appreciate the humor when you compare leechers to monkeys and scanlators to humans. You should really be comparing them to enlightened souls from on high, but never mind that. Scanlators are just an entirely different species I see XD lol, u so silly, sweetie.[/spoiler]


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