Permission to retranslate Joou no Hana

Started by bastet088, April 09, 2016, 08:05

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Hi! I'm part of Last Heaven Fansub, a spanish scanlation. We have received some suggestions of ours followers to work Joou no Hana and while i was searching for the manga i found that the last scanlation that edited it was Menfukurou no Fansub, but they haven't uptaded since June.
I also checked the list that you have of the mangas of the Transcendence Scans ( and i didn't see that anybody has taken the permission to retranslate Joou no Hana to spanish. So... We'll like to do it haha ;)
Obviously, we would credit TS every chapter and we want to start from chapter 1, so it doesn't seem that we're 'stealing' the work of the other scanlation.

I hope that it's possible and we get your permission.

Thank you! :)


I will send you an email shortly. :)