The Power of Spirit

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I'm about to go into a major round of edits with this (starting in the next couple weeks) but here is the Prologue, which I don't think needs much work. :)

The Power of Spirit


Queen Serenity, high ruler of the moon kingdom, looked on as the ivory homes of her beloved people turned to rubble from the force of her daughter's grief. She watched as they floated off and became asteroids and other such forms of floating debris. Tears welled in her eyes and obscured her vision.

This was her home, and it was being destroyed, and all she could do was look on. She could not save her people, she couldn't save herself, and she wasn't sure if she could save her family.

She swallowed and called the lifeless forms of her daughter, her daughter's lover, and both of their guardians. They were blood splattered, bent, twisted, and crushed from the buildings that had fallen atop them and caused their deaths.

She held back an exclamation and started chanting. Her voice wet and broken; she could barely make the words that would save her family and friends, but she preservered. The chain of words that managed to escape her lips is steady, unbroken, and clear. They resonated with power.

Moon, Spirit, Earth,
Grant protection.
Grant life.
Grant a second chance.

The air charged as she repeated herself over and over again, funneling all of her energy into this, her final request. She watched as, one by one, the figures rose and curled in on themselves. They flashed, illuminating the chaotic sky. Dozens sparkling cards were left in their wake. They rotated and Serenity could see a pattern on their many backs: a silver crescent moon surrounded by blazing stars. Serenity couldn't help but admire them as works of art.

They disappeared, streaking into the distance.

Serenity fell on her knees, praying, chanting, hoping for a better future as she took her final breath.

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