Started by Tammy, September 30, 2009, 19:25

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Are you guys interesting in getting a twitter account for all of transcendence staff? We could post updates about status, or just say anything we want. All of the staff could go on it and post stuff, and maybe complain about how hard their project/life is.  :woohehe:

Or we could get a facebook, though i don't know how that would work. Cos people might not be comfortable giving out real names and stuff.
I don't know, what do you guys think? :love:
Oh wow.. so they're iphone earpods? Wait, I mean, earrings! No! EARPHONES!!! I MEANT EARPHONES!
If you're reading this, then good for you. :3


how abt making a grp on facebook?

i won't object to twitter though

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worries for march camp dance...


I have never been a fan of sites like facebook, myspace or twitter, but it would be fun to have one account for the staff ^^
I have seen many buttons "Follow us on Twitter"
I think Twitter would be better than Facebook...


I am the same as werr... not really a big fan of those stuff but it would be actually fun to have one for all the staffs.

I also think that Twitter would be better than Facebook.

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Personally I only use Facebook ('cos I was made to create an account there for a reason I can't remember), and I'm comfortable with revealing my real name ('cos it isn't my full name anyway) but the idea of doing either one seems neat enough.


I like the idea about facebook. :)


This might show how not updated I am but...

Do we have a twitter account? I recently made one so I thought I'd follow the scanlation. XD

Privilege is the greatest enemy of right.


I was bored this eve, so I made one. I'll probably ask Xye to introduce it (with a better design D:<) when she's done with the new website. It'd be nice if the new webbie had a place where you could click to follow on twitter / join on facebook! :)!/A_World_Beyond
We can twitter everytime we have new releases. Exciting.