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Started by Furgeson, November 11, 2010, 16:02

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First things first! How to Enter the IRC
1) Just click the button on the upper right hand corner that reads "IRC." [HINT: It's blue!]
No, not the tabs- Beneath it. Above the "News," and next to the "Website" button! See? That one!
2) After you click, you will be asked to enter a nickname.
3) Choose one that hasn't been taken, and you're in!
4) Chat away, and have fun! Say hello to the staff that are already online and get to know each other better ^^

OH COME OOON! Don't groan so loudly!
The IRC DOES actually have some benefits! In fact, it has a LOT of benefits. And really! Look at those instructions- (1, 2, 3) It's easy as pie. So there's really no excuse for you NOT to use it. So here are just a few of the magical benefits that come out of our IRC channel, newly instated by our very own XYE:
1. You know how everyone who uses the chat box keeps groaning about how it's too small, and get crowded easily? How about those times where everyone's talking at once, and the chat messages fly by so fast you can't read them? Well, IRC is the perfect solution! Plus, you can use the IRC for downloading files, and much more!
2. You know that person on the credits page that is always beside yours? You might actually get to say hi to them!
3. Pink Tutu's for everyone...
4. IRC provides plenty of chances to see staff members disembowel each other online (virtually, of course) stalk each other down (virtually...?) and finally swear eternal love for each other. (>.>) Plus, you'll love the food (YES! We have pasta there 24/7)
5. You'll see Lily's brainwashing in action! Yes! The moment you've all been waiting for... The legendary secret to why Lily's lived through all those assasination attempts been so successful! (Yeah, now we ALL know. Dammit, I just KNEW she couldn't have made it into Transcendence, if she hadn't bribed Xye!)

So what are you waiting for? Click the button, and fly over some rainbows today!
... This is sounding more and more like a commercial jingle T.T

*** For those of you who want to download a program:

1. Go to and download the program2. Follow this tutorial: It will help you install and set up the program and connect. Do everything it tells you to do (unless evil ninjo robot clones appear) but instead of typing /join #mangaproject you will type /join #transcendence

Right now, Xye hasn't made any bots for the IRC yet, but there will be some soon! So stay tuned... Next time we return, Xye will have an official guide for all you lovlies!

Zephyr of the Mist

You're even sillier than I thought, and that's saying something. 

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As also non staff members use (or want to use) irc it'd be good if they could also see this. Where do you think would be the best place to move this topic so that also non staff members could see it?


uuuh mirc is paid. also it kinda sucks imho in auto identify.

use a cracked version of x-chat myself
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ObaSan Cougar

hmmm... I"m not staff, and I can see this clearly- also, thanks! Easiest instructions ever! My first successful attempt at IRC!


Heres one i made back in the days

First go to and download mirc.
Install and start, now something like this should popup.

Typ your name in the boxes.

next go here and chose as server

next go here enter /j #transcenden after that hit ok.

hit this button and you will connect


I actually have a cracked version of mIRC, thought it doesn't make a big difference. ( You just get to skip the "continue without paying" popup).
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