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Homework / Satire Essay
May 30, 2014, 11:44
Well, I have to type/write out a Satire Essay, but I don't recall what a Satire is and I might need some short examples of it in order for me to start on my own essay. I have to turn this on by Monday, June 2 2014, so hopefully I have some ideas before that day comes.
The guidelines to my Satire essay is that it has to be creative and based on the story of Macbeth. So hopefully, it's not too hard on the story. The examples can be anything similar to the story of Macbeth, I just need like a booster to see what a satire is.

And thank you to those who help.
Also I might post a sample of my essay if what you guys explained to me is what should be a satire. And my final draft may also be posted once I'm finished to be proofread :D
Artist's Showcase / A.W Contest
December 14, 2013, 20:50
Art Work (A.W) Contest is where you put your best art whether it's painting, drawing, photoshop/illustration/bryce, etc. Use the skills to create a certain theme of the month/week. The theme can be about holidays, manga/anime showcase, seasons, or some random events.

There can be at least three participants in order for the contest to be started. Meaning if one person submit, then that person automatically wins, right? But that won't be fun, so I was thinking maybe three participants may be enough to start polling. No, I didn't say only 3 can submit, but minimum is 3. But if no one submits anything for that particular event/theme for that certain month/week, then we go onto the next one that'll be particularly fun to do.

Rules I know what you guy's are thinking, you're like "WHAT THERE"S RULES TOO?! :whaat:". They're very simple to understand. So don't overexagerate when you read the rules.

  • Must be your ORIGINAL artwork
  • Every member/staff can post at least 2 A.W
  • A.W should ONLY be what the current theme/event is
  • Always follow the rules of Transcendence and any other Art rules
  • Please inform me if the A.W is not PG-13

There are currently none at the moment. The staff/members get to choose what event to do.

When will the event end?
All submission will be accepted by the end of the month. Voting will take place during the first week of a new month. On the 8th of each month, winner will be announce.

This will be decided by the judges

When will the event end?
All submission will be accepted by the end of the month. Voting will take place during the first week of a new month. On the 8th of each month, winner will be announce.

This thread is only for posting new themes. There will be another thread for you to post your A.W. You must put what that A.W is for, meaning what theme is it for. Rewards will be decided by judges, and those judges can be any one who volunteers to be one. The judges do not have to be the same ones over and over, because some maybe really busy and won't be able to do the polling. Once the winner is decided, that person will be PMed about what prize they would like. And the winner will be posted on the same thread as the "post your A.W" thread.

So start putting up ideas of what theme should be posted! Anyone can post and anything is allowed. As long as it follows the rules. If its too explicit, please put in spoiler.
Lifestyle / Depressed . . .
December 14, 2013, 20:37
As the title said, I got dumped yesterday. My so-called-boyfriend was kissing and holding hands with another girl. I am ashamed of myself for even bother dating with such a guy. I didn't know he hated me that much, because yesterday he got mad, like rage mode on his own best friend. I don't even know why, and the next thing I know I'm dumped. It's like, you keep secrets from me, and yet I don't know anything of it. After that day, all his friends keep looking down on me. To be honest, I don't even know why. It's so confusing now, its like everything has to be hidden from me. I can handle it if I want to. And a boyfriend should not tell other people their secrets, he told his best friend and almost everyone that knew me. He can't even keep his mouth shut for once. Well, I'm happy that I didn't tell him my other secrets, those were worser. My relationships never ever lasted longer than 2 weeks, it keep on ending lesser and lesser. It just makes me wonder, maybe, I'm not ready for one. Or either I haven't find the right person yet. How can people like these never take it serious on relationships? I've been through enough for the past few months, and I'll talk about in the spoiler. It's a bit serious somewhat, so I don't even know anymore.

[spoiler]In April 2013, I was raped by my own friend. He was suppose to take me home, but he took me someplace else. He locked the doors, and I didn't know what to do. I was to afraid to do anything. Since my whole life, I was beat up by my own family just because I didn't do chores or I'm not passing a certain class. So it was very painful for not doing anything after I was raped. Ever since that day, my personality and behavior changed. I got more disrespectful and I didn't care about myself much. A week or two ago, on the thanksgiving break, I talked with my family about my situation that month. They were shedding a bunch of tears and pity me that I was so stupid to not do anything about it. I could have pushed him or do anything to prevent him from raping me, but like I said...I was scared. And everyday after I tell my friends that I trust my life with, they just spread it all around. It's like I chose the wrong people to hold my secrets or to let out my grudge on. [/spoiler]

It's a big thing for me, to keep on suffering. I'm always 78% sad, and the rest is what keeps me from being depress all the time. It just, I just don't know anymore, it makes me wonder so so much about who I can talk about these things and who will actually try to help me out. I post on here, because I trust you guys. Like I had said before around 2011, I trusted you guys/girls because you're honest enough to tell us your stories about your life. So it shouldn't be that bad to tell mines.

Although I'm still not happy from getting dumped, but I'm glad that I let out part of my feelings. And thank you to those who cheered me and make me smile everyday.
Questions / Can I . . .
November 04, 2013, 10:40
Can I borrow or use one of the raw chapters in any of the project? I want to see if my friend can translate it. We're planning to (will not be successful at all) make a tiny group and work on a new scan group on the drop projects or something like that. I know I could've just go on google and search raws, but I want to report back what she translate and compare to your translation. I know it'll be better if she apply and get training through here. But she does not know how to work forums, so I'm still teaching her on that. Yes there are people who don't understand forums. :P

If this is declined, then its' fine. But If you're willining to check her translation, please please. I'd be happy if you can. :D
Lounge / League Of Legends
July 03, 2013, 09:47
I love this game even though I'm horrible at it. I always die more than my kills and assist. But I'm getting better at it with trainers who vultures me all the time.

Which Server are you in?:
Favorite Champ:

You don't have to really answer that, unless you want to have match with one of us fellow people that plays it.

Well, I'll answer mines in this first thread, so you can get the feel of what I'm talking about.

Which Server are you in?:North America
IGN:SquishyMonster & OmgitShally
Level:16... & 28
Rank: Unavailable
Wins/Loses:20~ & 200~
Favorite Champ:Teemo & Soraka, Teemo, Ashe, Riven, Ryze, & mainly supports

The reason why I created a new account before I even started finishing my first one was because the second account SquishyMonster is the account with a group trying to go up higher. I have my own group of 5 members to play with to lose or win, and lately I've been in contact with a lvl 30 because of the non-stop wins we had. >.< ; ; Anyways, OmgitShally is for my practices, the account that I don't care if i lose account.

Anyways, if you guys do play just fill out the format. If you never play it before, YOU MUST PLAY! D:< So we can play once in a while  :=D:
Artist's Showcase / shally's gallery
June 19, 2013, 09:45
I believe this is my 7th topic, Lily keeps on locking my thread for before, I was going to add them, without making another topic; but its locked. some were lock by myself because it was too old.

Here are some of my emoticon/pixel art.

Here are some of my signatures/banners.

I had a recent signature and colorings, but I forgot where I put it. It must be in my home pc somewhere...
These are from this year only up till March. Because I've been grounded so I couldn't get access to edit anything until I snuck on my school pc with photoshop ^O^. But its only on some pc, not all has it D: Oh right, you can check more from my dA if you know it. :D or check them in another forum xD
Group Suggestions / Japanese Sites
June 13, 2013, 13:33
Well, I found these sites from a friend and thought that it might useful for those who want to learn Japanese. ; eventually it'll probably open another window or something. ; I'm not sure if this still works, since I haven't try it yet. ; this one actually have videos, conversations, manga, and quizzing for you to be tested.

Anyways, that all I thought was useful. It may not be enough, but I guess it's alright to learn something rather than nothing.
Forum Games / Telephone
June 03, 2013, 08:52
Copy and paste the sentence from the post above you. Then change one of the words in the sentence
And so on...

And I do not mind curse words, it makes it funny, but dont overuse please xD

I'll start:

I stole an avatar from her shop and threw it away the next day.

Questions / Jobs?
May 21, 2013, 11:17
Before I ask about this and well I want an honest answer this time.
Last time most of the "Retired" staff said that Editor was easy (OMG it was sooo not easy, I had to keep on re-doing it over and over; but got better and worser each time).
So now I want to know, which is easier to do? I know that they all need photoshop except translator & scans provider. But I also heard that Proofreader don't need one actually, but its preferably needed.

Basically, I want to learn something new. I already tried Cleaning. I made it too bright... :'(
So, now I want try something that don't exactly NEED a photoshop; because if it does...then the only time I can do it is at school but it has adblock so I'll have to download the stuff at home secretly (grounded).
And no, I will not apply for artist staff again, since there's no need for that anymore.
Anime / Karneval
May 16, 2013, 10:30
Since there's a topic for certain animes and thread for what you watched.
I thought I could just come in here and create a topic about Karneval. The manga is super super slow on updating so I prefer posting it in the anime section.
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Action, Fantasy
Written by: Touya Mikanagi
Plot:Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country's most powerful defense organization, "Circus".
© wiki

What do you think of this anime?
Lounge / idk
November 12, 2012, 19:48
I have no idea where am I suppose to post pictures of yourself.
Its obviously not cosplay, cause I aint cosplaying at all.
soooo I am assuming this is the right place for it. :D

this is how I look like or what I was "planning" to dress like for halloween. :D
As you can see, I've been having this problem for a long time and that is why I quit applying as a cleaner. Not only that, but I suck really bad. So I just sticked with being a artist staff, but now I'm useless since everyone knows how to draw/make things >_<
here is my problem, I was suppose to follow through the installation, but I couldn't scroll at all, and so like it end up as a full screen. Unfortunately, when I try installing the other size, by removing the whole thing, and pretend as though its my first time installing the other one, but the other one won't instal or open at all.
Artist's Showcase / Rin's Shine time.
November 07, 2012, 16:53
Although I post a lot, like a lot lot.
Anyways, here are the new ones, although its not as good as I thought it would.

yes, i did a tutorial - >

the rest are like avatars from cr; but the "government" change it to a smaller size, and i don't know why the government even cares about that; so now its suppose to be icon sizes. these are the one I have so far.
Commissions / Rin's Thread
August 13, 2012, 12:35
CR 1
CR 2
CR 3
CR 4
[email protected]
[email protected][/email]

•Do not steal, rip or remove copyright.
•Comment when you are taking something.
•Do not use foul languages, keep it PG-13.
•Requests are open whenever.
•Freebies / requests cannot be distributed to other communities except CR.[/color]

Hello, the name's rin. I only make beginner skilled graphics. I do not draw, line art, or do manga coloring anymore. My birthday is on december 26th, and I am lucky to be born. Anyways, please please follow the rules of my thread and the community. Thanks in advanced.[/size]
Questions / Start again?
August 12, 2012, 15:49
You are probably wondering what am I talking about "start again"?
Well, i was referring to doing my cleaning training again.
although I KNOW you guys don't need anymore, but I want to do my training still. :D
another thing is. . .
the commission is kind of empty.   :crywithno:
could any do anything about it?
and . . .
i want to try something new , first : do you have to know how to read the translation to become a translator?
second : is it possible if i try every single job to see how each one is like?
third : cleaning again, could it be okay to help me with the topaz thing, im kind of stuck with the installation?
Staff Introductions / I'm BACK
April 04, 2012, 16:02
I came back, because I want to .
Got a prob? Deal with it.
I thought there should be at least some welcome back section.
Since most of you guys don't know me.
Then let me clarify who I am.

  • Sally
  • DUCKY.

That's about what I can inform you.
I'm an artist staff; I was a trainee for Cleaner, but I quit.
I ask stupid questions, so deal with it.[/list]
Group Suggestions / New design?
April 04, 2012, 15:42
If possible, can we get new designs for the site? (:
Like, each month or year is a different theme color.
January can be some random theme
Feb. can be valentine or anything related to loving.
March can be spring colors; green ; and so forth.

I'm not saying that this site is a little plain; but i just want it to be more decorative. (:
Artist's Showcase / My Newest GFX
April 04, 2012, 15:37
      Yes I know that I have not been here for awhile. I know that most of you guys don't even like looking at my work. I can tell by looking at my other forum post. If you have a problem about me posting, say it to me right now. Cause I can't stand this problems when you are being rude.
Ok back to topic.
I improved just a tiny wetsy.  *stress
    Okay no more attachments. DARN. Now I have to link some in here. (:



Questions / What happen to .......?
February 03, 2012, 21:09
What happen to the commission?
It's like died.
I'm like so bored, and like I keep staring at it.
As well as; forum games are dead.  :noway:

I love you, renny.  *skip
Forum Games / Last Post Wins
February 03, 2012, 20:58
Yes the title says it all.  :hmmm:

Don't comment. cause I'll win. :wahaha:
Artist's Showcase / too lazy.
December 31, 2011, 23:23
I'm too lazy to put out the image.
So I'm going to just give you the link.
So scroll around yourself. :P
Group Suggestions / Photos Upload
December 31, 2011, 23:08

    On the profile, you know the upload photo thing, it doesn't work at all.  So if possible can you try fixing it, I want to upload some stuff on it, so i don't have to keep showing it on the gfx section or whatever.     
Commissions / Can anyone make me a banner?
December 15, 2011, 18:19
I need a banner, because I'm bored of my old one.  :yawn:
I'll show you a form.  :bow:


Image :
Text : Merry Christmas ! with loads of love from sally .
Theme : Christmas.
Extras : Make it pretty, or else -cracks knuckles- it'll be going down.  :swt:
Fanfiction / Princess Lost Soul Chapter 1 Part 2
November 27, 2011, 20:08
Back at the castle, the King and Queen were worried about their little princess. Arina, a soldier, reported to the Queen, "Your majesty, I have been told that, Princess Yuki has awakened...."
"REALLY!? Where is she? Let me see her!" The queen has spoken, but did not let Arina-san finish speaking.
"But your majesty, she doesn't -"
"Stop talking, and bring me to her! This is an order!"
With a big sigh, she replied, "Yes, your majesty. I will take you to her. But please try not to be shock. Afterall, you didn't let me finish speaking."
Soldier Arina and Queen Alice went to the shelter Cero and Yuki was in. What did Arina meant by Please try not to be shocked? I should have listen to Arina first...but I'm too worried about my beautiful daughter. With a huge sigh, the queen hoped Yuki was alright. Back to the king, who was more worried about his castle than his daughter. " Wait a minute. You! Over there! What is that thing you trying to cover?"
The King pointed at some type of marking on the castle wall, that was marked towards the Princess's room. Builder number one had no clue what it was, but, "It could have been here all the time, since many knights would come here and mark on the walls many times." "Well, I understand that, but why would they mark on MY princess's wall? When they have their own wall to mark on?"
As the king says while pointing to the direction of the wall the knights would use to throw knives. This sudden mystery was very unveiling and made the whole castle wondering what did exactly happened before the fire? Was it one of the knights that marked the wall? What was their intention? Back to where the Queen and Arina-San are at. It seems like Queen Alice was really happy to see her daughter okay, "Sweety, you're alright! Oh my goodness, I thought you lost a bone or lost a memory or some sort. It got me worried when Arina told me that I shouldn't try to be shocked." as the queen says with a smile and a tiny tear from the corner of her eye.
"Uhm...sorry but who are you?" Once these words were said, the queen fainted.
What comes to the mind from Soldier Cero and Soldier Arina? Will Yuki remember some of the memories that happen as they go along with some questions? 
Lifestyle / Sad Life part 2.
November 24, 2011, 22:58
Well the previous months, I told you about my first sad story, right? Well this time, is about my school relation . Lately in school , there are people gossipping about me and saying s*** about me. And what's sad is that MOST of them are FALSE. D: It pisses me so much that I want to slash their f****** throat and slash their f****** cr****. When I ask nicely, they just stare at me like I'm some type of bug. I'm nice enough to be a good sophomore while you're a freshman and being an a** toward me. I'm like, what the hell is wrong with these freshmans? ._. I hate how they are acting toward people much older than them. I hate when my own friends back them up, not knowing that they're the one causing troubles. I just wish that....people would start growing up and stop being an a** hole.

Lounge / Konichiwa Mina-San~
November 24, 2011, 22:52
Hi everyone!
You're probably wondering what I'm going to tell you.
Well that is the surprise.  :goodmood:
Once you finally read this, I'll be asking a few question.
And Please answer them honestly.  :swt:
Okay let's start...
1. What type of name you wish you had?
2. Are you a female or a male?
3. What type of person are you? (Cute and lovely, tomboy, gangster..etc)
4. What questions do you have for me?
5. What is your top 5 favorite colors?
6. Are you wondering what this is?
7. Are you waiting for a surprise gift?
After answering these questions, you will be notify by me with a gift. ^0^.
No, i'm not giving you free money  *stress
But, hope you have fun with this.  :bow:

Fanfiction / Princess Lost Soul Chapter 1 Part 1
November 24, 2011, 22:43
On one cold night, Yuki, Princess of the Sun Empire was awaken from a scent of smoke. She thought that some on in the kitchen was making something. Yuki got out of bed, and went to the corridor towards the kitchen. But suddenly she was knocked out. The soldiers from all over the castle alarmed everyone, "The castle is on fire, the castle is on FIRE! Everyone evacuate from the castle!"
But little did they know, the princess was kidnapped by a knight. "Hehe, Yuki, you're too nice to everyone. You need to understand what kind of people this horrible world has." The knight stroked Yuki's beautiful brown hair and kissed her forhead. While the knight and the princess escaped from the castle, the King and Queen were shocked and terrified by the missing princess. All soldiers, maids, butlers, and everyone within the Sum Empire went searching for the Princess. But...when they finally found Yuki...,sadly, her clothes were shredded into pieces, her hair, her beautiful hair, cut off; leaving only a short strands of hair on her head. The soldiers carried her to a nearest and shelter to rest, while the castle is being rebuilt. Yuki finally woke up the next morning, "Mmmm...huh? Where am I? Why does it smell like smoke?"
Her head throbbed, but she continued to lift her body up and strolled around the shelter she was in. One of the soldiers who carried, Cero, saw the princess, and rushed to her."Yuki-sama, are you alright? Do you need water? Would you like me to get your mother and father? What happen to you?"
While these questions were asked for Yuki, she just stared at him, as if he was some lunatic. In her head she asked herself, Who in the world is Yuki? Why is he asking me if I'm alright? Of course I'm alright....Its not like I'm some type of noble and personally my name is definitely not Yuki; its....its....wait...who am I?! Oh my lord, what's my name?. Yuki started to panic and screamed, "AHHHHH ! I don't remember anything. Who am I? Where am I?! Who is the handsome soldier? What is my nature being?"
While listening to the panicking and screaming of these words, Soldier Cero was shocked. Oh no...the princess...her memories are gone! How should I report this? .....It must have been Mana!...That Mana must have erased her memories.. Mana must have been the knight who kidnapped her, but was it really him that erased her memories or was it another guy?
Artist's Showcase / Coloring of a Drawing.
November 24, 2011, 17:53
andii_11 :

NegativeSal / /NibbPower / / MINES >:D

&& Please ignore my extra details .^0^. <-- Andii_11^0^ <  - - Me. :D
Artist's Showcase / ^0^
November 23, 2011, 20:32
Yes, the title was a little bit plain. But Oh wells, its not like renny, lily nor ryu gonna kill me. (:

For Lily :
For CallingCalling :
For Divapireice (CR) :
For World Graphics Shopping (CR) :
Renny's Favorite :
For Sisterz Avii Shop (CR) :
Profile for Sm3xyAng3l (CR) :
Avii for Sm3xyAng3l (CR) :
Artist's Showcase / Lame Art 3
October 24, 2011, 14:52

^ go there.
Yes I left Transcendence to go back to Crunchyroll. lOl
No worries, i'll still be the awesome person on here. I still quoting. ;d
Artist's Showcase / Lame Artwork 2
September 28, 2011, 22:09

I think i'm improving in my graphics. XD
Questions / Why are my topics always locked?
September 11, 2011, 14:02
Well, I know about locking topics, but I created a topic in Graphic Showroom, and well it doesn't even have any comments about my work yet. But its locked. Why is it locked? And I also want to know, why is it that most of my topics that I made are locked? I mean, am I doing something wrong?
Artist's Showcase / Renny & I Battle Mode.
September 11, 2011, 12:22 xcf/png files.

Well, I thought this was fun to do.

( Renny, you should be proud that I made yours look sexy. )  :shy:
Questions / what font is this?
September 03, 2011, 19:15
What font did they use in this photo?

Oh and, how did they make it white on the sfx over the black color font? :O
Group Suggestions / Membership cards?
September 02, 2011, 18:19
Well I was thinking, should we make a thread on membership cards. Just to be creative. (: I thought that this would be fun when people want to know who who are. (: Like the side profile bar shows the occupation right? So why don't we make it more fun.

I guess my explanation was too complicated, but this is what i meant.

Yeah i know it's kind of plain. Anywayss, this is how a membership card looks similar to, if most of you actually don't know what i meant.

As you can see, the image ois a picture of a MSC; for the position part. you can be anything. It could be your signature/banner. (: Sooouhm if you don't know what i'm talking about just ask . (:

Soooooo, MSC?????!!!! (:
I had no idea where to post this. D:

And yeah, I know. I'm kind of back.  :hi:

Questions / Can't find wild words font.
July 22, 2011, 13:01
Well, let me rephrase that, I did found some, but they were on sell. Dafont doesn't have it free for download, does anyone know where to download it free.

Please help me.  :omg:
Commissions / Shally's Siggy.
July 16, 2011, 15:21
WELL. I got tired of making my own.
SOOO I want everyone ideas on my request.

What I want on there.:
NibbPower is in love with Transcendence

Doesn't matter what it is, as long as you work your hardest on it.
Forum Games / Your Last Four Words
June 28, 2011, 19:58

Person No. # 1:

Person No. #2:

Person No. #3:

Person No. #4:


You are not allowed to post again until there is another post after your last one in this thread!


Get it? I'll start first: (you do not need to underline the last four letters)

Lounge / My sad life story.
June 28, 2011, 18:28
Today, I was helping my mother clean the house, but she kept on yelling at me on how I brush the floor wrong. I kept talking back at her, but nothing ever changes. She either yells back or just told me to stop. I don't think my mother ever ask me anything better than this. She only yells at everything I complain about, "My back hurts", "My stomach hurts." , "My knee hurts." ; She thinks that I'm just using those as excuses. If I was, why would I help you clean in the first place? I mean, I do love my mom. I just hate how she reacts toward my feelings. I just wish that she understand how I feel. Are all parent's like this? Afterwards, my mom just told me to leave, so I went to the room and cry. I try to suicide, but I held back, because there are other things in the world that could make me happy. But I thought about it, how long should I wait? I've been in darkness for so long, wishing someone could take me away. Nightmare falls and overcome my mind. Each and everyday, I thought about killing. But I know that is not the solution to any problems; well it may be for some murder cases. But it's probably because no one in my family knows how it is felt when you're a shy girl and gets bullied by other kids. Does anyone know a solution to my problem?

And by the way, it's been like this for the past 6 years of my life. I've been holding these pain and I've been trying to stop. But for some reason, I continue to do bad things. But nowadays, I try to keep it smooth. But its not working as well as it should be. After my mom left, my dad came inside the room; he was trying to comfort me. But I kept on rambling about how cruel my mother is. Or how cruel everyone is about thinking "Oh Jeff is such a smart kid. Look at how much work he is doing." Jeff is my younger brother. But my parents know nothing about him. All the secrets I kept it, but all my secrets he tell everyone. I hate it.

Well this is how my life is. :x
Questions / Extract files?
June 26, 2011, 13:31
How do you extract files to another folder?

Like brushes/fonts to a gimp folder

I dont mind if you explain it in a photoshop way, it's probably the same.
Artist's Showcase / My new banner.
June 20, 2011, 20:40
Yeph....I didn't know how to show transcendence clearly. D:

Fanfiction / A sonnet.
June 10, 2011, 12:40
Through winter chill or searing summer heat,

The turbulent wind lifts you far on high,

A voice that cries and wings that fiercely beat,

You cannot hope to know until you try,

Your life is small; the endless sky is vast,

Never give in to fate; don't compromise,

Bright feathers grow, your fledgling wings spread fast,

The life before you is your paradise,

You feel the many weary hours worn thin,

Steel nights of silent pain; bronze days of rage,

Nobody sees the shining heart within,

The crumbs of love locked in a gilded cage,

Your silver feathers sparkle diamond bright,

On swift storm winds soar jubilant in flight.

The timing is a little off. ): -There's no name; just add your own. :3
Artist's Showcase / Sally's artwork.
June 06, 2011, 17:00
Well its not professional, but i tried.  :swt:


Animes. (this was kinda innapropiate >_<)

Arts by someone else, but i colored it. (:

Yeah, theres actually alot more, but the other ones are like...uhm lets just say its noobish. xD

Update ***** 06/09/11 Fat princess Sig. Bubble text

Update ***** 07/01/11 Blinky :D I just colored. other than the amuto part, i didn't put it. I did not crop it. I just colored it. my latest/ newest picture. Recolored Scenes
Staff Introductions / Hello, (:
June 06, 2011, 16:09
Who The Effin Is Sally?~ First thing's first: I'm a girl [just in case it wasn't obvious enough]. The name's Sally [i think] but my super close friends call me Shally & I'm pretty much always hyper. I've been told I'm pretty weird & I don't know when to shut up. I love meeting new people & making new friends. Do I live in a fish bowl? Of course kiddos! But I plan on moving pretty soon, into a washing machine maybe [not really]. People who are always negative get on my nerves. I don't act like anyone else, I don't pretend to be someone I'm not and I speak my mind. People will hate you no matter what you do so you might as well be yourself. I'm not perfect but neither are you so don't judge me when I make mistakes. Nanananananana, BATMAN!!! Damn, it looks like i need my own theme song  *stress~ Alrighties, Bye ~

WTF Does She Like?
:love: Let's see, what do I like? I like candy! Skittles, sour patch kids, pop rocks, air heads & pixie stix. I also like listening to music & talking. Lemme see, I like tapping the glass tank while the fishes are sleeping, I know it's mean, but i do it just because they tell me not to. I like music & I love plush toys. I like my friends just because they don't scream at me for poking them. I also like going out with my friends. Ah, yes, i like poking people- it's a habit. Eh... OH! and I love it when people get crazy & random. But by crazy I don't mean trying to set little girls & boys on fire... that's just insane [starting riots is okay I guess] ~

What I hate is Here: :noway:Hoes, fakes, liars, mean people, pedophiles, stalkers, violence, people who gossip about everything, people who judge you by your appearance, fakes, boot lickers [they're the idiots who do things just to make everyone else happy], stereotypes, racism, people who don't think for themselves && people who go around giving themselves labels or give someone else a label~

Sing To This~
:bingo: Just so you all know, there are probably a lot of bands on my list that you don't like or that you think it stinks - well I don't care if you don't like what I listen to. Keep your mouth shut & keep your coments to yourself. Don't be a loser and say "that band sucks" or anything else like that. I'm not going to change the type of music I listen to just because some of you don't like it. Unlike some people, I don't try to be someone I'm not. If I love something, or hate something, I'll be honest about it. I'll listen to a lot of different types of music but I DON'T LISTEN TO COUNTRY MUSIC!!! I just don't like it.